17 Dec

Since 2005, NIH has transitioned its grant programs to electronic applications submission. As of 2010 all grant programs have been submitted using this process except for NIH’s complex, multi-project applications. For the multi-project applications, NIH developed The Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST). ASSIST is the web-based system designed to accommodate complexities associated with NIH’s multi-project applications.

The initial pilot phase for ASSIST using select FOAs was initiated in January 2013, but all multi-project applications are currently in the process of being transitioned to ASSIST submission. The time line for the transition maps out the transition by FOA and deadline.
Electronic submission will be required for all applications intended for due dates on or after January 25, 2014 submitted in response to FOAs with the following activity codes: G12, P30, P40, P41, P42, P51, P60, R28, S06, U10, U41, U42, U45, U56, and UC7. For activity codes U54 and UM1, electronic submission will be required for all applications intended for due dates on or after May 25, 2014. After May 25, 2014, all multi-project applications will be electronic.
It is important to note that ASSIST has multiple stages in application preparation involving numerous parties. This requires advance planning prior to starting the application in ASSIST; therefore, ample time should be set aside to complete this complicated process. If you are an UHA employee who is considering applying for one of these FOAs, it is imperative that you contact Valerie Lemasters at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center (vlemasters@hsc.wvu.edu). Additionally, please contact the OSP Pre-Award unit (304-293-3998) prior to initiating your application in ASSIST. If you are located in a College/Department outside of UHA you should also contact OSP for assistance in developing your proposal in ASSIST.
Please see NOT-OD-13-075 for additional information. If you have any questions about ASSIST, please contact Katie Schneller via email at Katie.Schneller@mail.wvu.edu or call 304-293-3998.