17 Dec

Tip of the Quarter for OSP

Margaux | December 17th, 2013

The Office of Sponsored Program from time to time receives inquires for locating information on our website, and we have realized how extensive the website itself has become. We would like to provide you with a brief outline of our site in the hopes that it will make it easier for researchers, faculty, and staff to locate the pertinent information they are seeking.

Our home page provides users with not only a list of services that our office provides, but also links to other websites with regard to research. This page also contains a link to “Frequently Requested Information” (FRI) for both WVU and WVURC on the top right part of the page. This section also contains a link to the most up to date frequently asked questions (FAQs), current OSP newsletter, our blog, updated EBS approver list, as well as a link to request a new investigator packet and the mailing list add or remove form. The left side of the home page contains the links to each department within the OSP, as well as general information, forms, location, along with external and internal policies and regulations related to research.

If you click on “General Information,” it will provide you with general information about WVU, how to contact our staff, our mission statement, our location, and general information about WVURC. Down from the link to general information is “Data Plan Management” which provides a brief description, a PDF of WVU’s DMP guide, and tools to link researchers to templates. In addition, there is a generic template to work on the creation of a data management plan for researchers. “Training and Professional Develop” links research community to a list of upcoming training sessions conducted throughout the university’s campuses that are provided by OSP and other research affiliated offices. Please watch for updates in the spring. Clicking on “Pre-Award” will take individuals to the Pre-Award page that provides researchers with a general overview of what the department does in servicing the research community at the university. It also discusses what needs to be done for proposals, information about the Electronic Blue Sheet, frequently requested information such as current F & A rates and agency links.

The “Budget Information” link provides an overview of what OSP can provide in way of assistance to researchers while they are developing their proposal budgets. Budget assistance is provided for all external funding mechanisms used for sponsored programs. These external funding mechanisms include, but are not limited to, grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and/or other legally binding means of transfer. This page also provides budget templates for use by researchers. “Contract Review and Negotiations” provides an overview of how the department works with principal investigators in negotiations with sponsors. It is important to note that OSP is only office authorized to conduct negotiations and always involves the principal investigator in the process. The “Award Initiation and Management” link will provide individuals with; a) award process, b) cost sharing process, and c) award history, which is the listing by month of all awards to the university.

By clicking on “Subcontracts” researchers can locate information on what is needed to be done when they are collaborating with others outside the University. This page provides a general definition of who is a subcontractor as well as a checklist in determining the difference between a vendor and a subcontractor. Further, the page goes into detail regarding both proposal stage and post award requirements. Under the link to subcontracts is “Funding Sources.” This page provides the University community with links to potential funding sources from the federal, state, local, private sector. This page also contains information about Internal Grants, which assist faculty at WVU with funds in support of research, travel, and professional development. We have also recently introduced Pivot on this page to assist researchers in locating funding opportunities.

Clicking on “Policies and Regulations” will link individuals to both institutional policies and federal regulations. Under policies and regulations, is a link to our news archive which dates back to 2009. The “Location” link provides users with a detailed map for locating our office. Finally, the “forms” link provides frequently used internal proposal forms, external proposal forms, and Internal Grant applications.