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Background Image for Header: at WVU is the central portal that the federal government is implementing for grant submissions. is intended to be a simple, unified source to electronically find, apply for, and manage grant opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies. The various agencies are phasing in the transition to incrementally. The system was developed as part of the President’s Management Agenda and related E-Government Strategy. is in the process of replacing PureEdge Viewer application packages with Adobe Forms. For information and news, see Program Status, Help, and Applicant Resources. Please be sure to check for compatible versions of Adobe Reader for your computer.

This page is a quick reference for West Virginia University investigators and staff using the “Apply” function.

To visit directly:

  • Find - search for funding opportunities
  • Apply - download application packages, complete applications locally

Tips before you start

  • Start early! Especially if you are using for the first time. If you have problems, contact OSP.
  • requires use of a free software program called PureEdge Viewer to open and work on application packages. PureEdge was written for Windows machines, but will work on Macintosh computers. Please see below for Macintosh instructions.
  • Principal investigators and campus staff do not create accounts. The only account holders are OSP research administrators who submit applications with
  • West Virginia University and the West Virginia University Research Corporation are already in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR); do not re-register the institution.
  • Principal investigators and campus staff do not submit the application. OSP submits applications with PIs must submit a printed proposal copy to OSP for review along with the signed WVU and WVURC Application Approval Sheet (blue sheet). After OSP reviews the printed proposal and the blue sheet, the completed and checked final application package is sent to OSP as an email attachment or on a CD. OSP then submits the application.
The site has some good resources for learning and using the system: Outreach Materials and Training Materials.

Steps for using “Apply” is in the process of replacing PureEdge Viewer application packages with Adobe Forms. For information and news, see Program Status, Help, and Applicant Resources. Please be sure to check for compatible versions of Adobe Reader for your computer.
  1. Download and Install PureEdge Viewer
    1. PureEdge Viewer is a small, free program required by to access, complete and submit applications. The software should be installed by everyone who will be working on the submission. People who will be only contributing documents such as PDF files will not need the software.
    2. For Mac Users
      1. PureEdge Viewer was written for Microsoft Windows. IBM has provided Special Edition Mac Viewers for PPC and Intel that are now available for download, that will run on Macintosh OS X 10.4.6. You may wish to use this software if you do not have access to a Windows machine, Windows emulation software, or the Citrix server. Please note that *this software will not run on MacOS X Leopard* and may not run on Mac OS versions prior to 10.4.6.
      2. If you are using a Macintosh running Leopard or with an operating system older than 10.4.6, you will need to install Virtual PC or other emulator software, use a virtualization product like Parallels Desktop, or use a Windows terminal service. With any of these, PureEdge Viewer should work. Please START EARLY! especially if you are submitting a application for the first time.
  2. Identify and Download the Application Package
    1. Each application package is specific to a specific grant program and deadline and cannot be used for other grant programs.
    2. Use Find to search for and identify the grant program you want to apply for, and click the “ Apply for Grant Electronically ” button at the bottom of the page.
    3. Or, if you know the program-specific Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number or Funding Opportunity Number, go to Search Grants, type in the number, and download the application package and instructions. You can search for CFDA numbers on the CFDA web site.
  3. Complete the Application Package
    1. Application instructions provide guidance on how to complete the application. The steps below should be sufficient to have your application accepted by However, the agency may reject it in a later step if you do not follow all of the program application instructions.
    2. Complete all fields that are yellow, or the application package will not be validated.
    3. Open and complete all the forms listed in the mandatory box.
    4. Information frequently required on the SF424(R&R) can be found on the Proposal Essentials page.
    5. Move all the forms in the mandatory box to the “Completed Documents for Submission” box.
    6. Move all optional completed forms and/or documents to the “Optional Completed Documents for Submission” box.
    7. Click the “Verify Package” button. Make sure no errors are returned.
    8. Click the “Save” button to save the final copy of the application.
    9. Make sure that the “Submit” button is now active, although you will not be able to submit the application.
    10. If you revise the application, you must repeat the last three steps.
  4. Provide the Application Approval Sheet and Fina l Electronic Copy to OSP for Submission to
    1. Submit the complete and final package on a CD along with the signed WVU and WVURC Application Approval Sheet (blue sheet) to OSP. This includes documentation of collaborative sub-agreements.
    2. Submit complete and final applications to OSP five or more working days before the agency deadline.
    3. After OSP review, make any necessary changes and provide OSP with the revised documents.
    4. OSP will then submit the application to
  5. After Submission to
    1. After the application is submitted, the OSP administrator will receive email.
    2. Email from will confirm if the proposal was received and if it passed or failed data verification.
    3. Later, email from the agency will confirm that the agency received the application and if it passed or failed data verification.
    4. If there are errors in submission, you must work with OSP to correct them so that OSP can resubmit it.
Once the proposal has been accepted by the agency, it is no longer in The only way to check on its status is to query the agency (for example, FastLane for NSF proposals).