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For all general questions and concerns regarding the Office of Sponsored Programs, please call (304) 293-3998 or email

Subcontract and Subaward
Research Agreement and Clinical Trial Agreement
Award Initiation and Management
Direct Teaming Agreements, Confidential and Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Material Transfer Agreements in Contemplation of Sponsored Programs inquiries

OSP Staff

OSP Leadership


Award Initiation and Management Paul Fetty
Pre-Award Katie Schneller
Award Negotiation Tiffany Lutskus


Katie Schneller
Mary Bonasso
Sarah Kilwein
Jeff Perrine
Alexa Schider
Cathy Tarabrella
Cody Watson
Michele Wilson

Award Negotiation

Tiffany Lutskus
Molly Superfesky
Rachel Humberson
Andrea Taylor
Eric Winaught
Eric DiVito

Award Initiation & Management

Paul Fetty
Darcy Kisko
Jeanne Anderson
Cheri Grubbs
Kathy Jesperson
Susan Markley
Jeff Brooks
Kimberly Yoney
Anita Martin