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Closeout & Reporting

Award Closeout

A project must be completed at the end of the award period if the University is to receive complete reimbursement. Projects may require some or all of the following reports: final technical, final financial, patent and invention, and property inventory for both purchases and sponsor supplied equipment. A closeout may also require the submission of a final invoice and a “Contractor’s Release.” Information regarding final reports can be found on the OSP Notice of Award Summary, in the award document or contract, and/or in the sponsoring agency’s guidelines. The Principal Investigator should consult the OSP Closeout staff prior to the end of a project for reporting requirements, report distribution and required delivery dates.

The Office of Financial Services and Research Accounting is responsible for submitting any financial reports required in order to close out the award.

Subaward Closeout

WVU/WVURC, through the OSP Subaward unit, will close-out the sub-award when it determines that all applicable administrative actions, including sub-award financial accounting, and all required substantive programmatic work set forth in the sub-award has been completed by the sub-recipient.

  • OSP will confirm with the PI/PD that all sub-award work was conducted as stated in the sub-award scope-of-work and that all required sub-recipient technical reports have been received and accepted by the PI/PD prior to formal close-out.
  • All financial close-out actions will be conducted by Sponsored Research Accounting, consistent with WVU/WVURC policies and procedures.


All sponsored projects require some sort of reporting (i.e. quarterly, semi, annually, etc.) with regards to the technical aspect of the project. The PI should consult the terms and conditions of the NGA so that they are aware of the timelines on reporting requirements for their projects to ensure that they remain in compliance with the award terms.

Awards are made out to the University, not the individual. Therefore, it is not just the individual investigator that is flagged when there is an overdue report, it is the entire institution. Agencies can and will bar the institution from further awards due to outstanding reports.


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