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Sub-contract or Sub-award?

By definition a sub-recipient conducts project activities that are a primary purpose of the research program which are not conducted at the University. These activities should constitute a significant portion of the research program and require the leadership and direction of a responsible investigator located at the work site of the cooperating institution.

Need help in determining if it is a sub-award or sub-contract? Complete Determination of Sub-award v. Sub-contact and forward to along with a statement of activities that will be outsourced.

Any activity not meeting the definition of a sub-award should be handled via a sub-contract/service agreement. Information regarding service agreements is available on the WVU Procurement web site.

Initiate/Modify a Sub-award

A request to initiate a sub-award should be processed when a sub-award has been formally approved by a sponsor, either as part of a formal award action or after an award with the prior written approval of the award sponsor.

Sub-award Monitoring

Throughout the subcontracting process sub-recipient monitoring must take place. A copy of the OSP Sub-recipient Monitoring Policy is available.

Roles & Responsibilities

The following individuals and units are responsible for the monitoring of Sub-recipients during the life of the sub-award.