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Award Initiation & Management

New Method for Inquiries and Requesting Support

To simplify and improve customer support for proposals, awards, agreements and general questions about research administration, the Office of Sponsored Programs will begin using Salesforce on August 1st. A single email to will create a case for you automatically. The new case management system will immediately replace the Status Inquiry and Prioritization Request forms. Please use the OSP Help button below to contact us for assistance and inquires. 

OSP Help

AIM Prior Approval Request Form

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Award Process

OSP is responsible for the initial entry of an award in the university financial system. We wish to complete this process as speedily as possible but need information as outlined in the Establishing an Award flowchart. Failure to provide OSP with any of this information means a delay in your receiving project funds.

Cost Sharing Process

The standards set forth in the Cost Share Policy (PDF) apply to all units and regional campuses of West Virginia University, and all projects submitted by the West Virginia University Research Corporation (WVURC).

Compliance Requirements

If a project involves human subjects, export control, conflict of interest, animal use, biohazards, or radiation, OSP will not release funds until the appropriate University review body has approved the activity.



The legal instrument that sets forth the terms and conditions, including scope-of-work and funding level, for grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements that support research, training, and other mission activities of WVU/WVURC.

Cost Share

A portion of a sponsored agreement related to cost that is contributed by parties other than the primary sponsor and not directly charged to sponsored agreement account(s). Cost share can be actual dollars or in-kind contributions to support a project (such as the value of tuition waivers or salaries). Cost sharing represents a legal commitment by the University to provide resources to a sponsored agreement, and is subject to audit.

Departmental Activity (DA) Number

A 9-digit number that translates to an expenditure organization such as “sponsored programs research” or “research cost-sharing” or “anatomy accounts” and is specific to your department and college.

Direct Cost

Include the salaries and wages for all personnel working on your project including fringe benefits. Other direct costs include any equipment, materials and supplied planned to be purchased. Identify consultants or subawards if you plan to collaborate with any private or public institution outside of WVU.

Facilities and Administrative Rate (F&A)

Also known as “indirect costs’ or “overhead costs” are those costs of an institution which are not readily identifiable with a particular project or activity but nevertheless are necessary to the general operation of the institution and the conduct of its activities. The cost of operating and maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment depreciation, general and departmental administrative salaries and expenses, sponsored programs and library costs are types of expenses usually considered as F&A costs.

Fiscal Year

A yearly period used for calculating financial statements. WVU’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Fringe Benefit Rate

Any of various benefits, as free life or health insurance, paid holidays, a pension, etc., received by an employee in addition to regular pay. WVU and its cognizant agency U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reach an agreement as to the year fringe rate to be charged to benefit eligible employees.

Mountaineer Administrative Processes (MAP)

The official record system for WVU’s business processes, such as financial records, human resources information, purchasing data, payroll, and many other business transactions. If you work in a business office or work in a position that deals with budgets, purchases, payroll, property, or reporting; chances are good that you may use MAP in your daily tasks.

No-Cost Extension

Many federal sponsors will permit the grantee to extend the final budget period of the project one time for a duration of up to 12 months beyond the original expiration date shown in the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) if no additional funds are required to be obligated by the awarding office, there will be no change in the project’s originally approved scope or objectives.

OSP Project Number

The unique number assigned to each project by OSP.


Project Organization Expenditure type Task Award number string. The expenditure activity for sponsored agreements and capital projects is recorded through a separate “account number.”

Principal Investigator/Program Director (PI/PD)

An individual designated by the recipient/sub-recipient to direct a project or program being supported by an award. He or she is responsible and accountable to recipient/sub-recipient organization officials for the proper conduct of the project or program. The recipient organization is, in turn, legally responsible and accountable to the sponsor for the performance and financial aspects of the award-supported activity.

Task Manager Name

The full name of the person who provides administrative and financial management for a task.

Task Number

The task segment of the POETA account.

Verbal Approval

After a proposal has been approved for funding by an agency, instances sometimes arise whereby administrative issues at the agency delay the issuance of an award document, resulting in a delay of the establishment of financial accounts. This delay could have a detrimental impact in terms of salary to personnel, purchasing of equipment and a significant delay in the beginning of a project. This policy establishes an internal administrative process to initiate the project while awaiting official agency award documents.