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Proposal Preparation

Please note: Pre-proposals and/or “white papers” do not require OSP review and endorsement unless budgetary information is provided and/or institutional certifications/assurances are required.

The Office of Sponsored Programs, in concert with Principal Investigators and the West Virginia University Research Corporation, is responsible for submitting proposals to funding agencies proposals requesting support for research and other scholarly projects. The information below is intended to assist faculty and staff in developing proposals.

For general assistance with and information about budgets, fringe benefits, forms, and other aspects of proposals, contact:

Janet Boyles
(304) 293-3998


OSP Proposal Guide

This guide is a compilation of proposal submission procedures and practices for persons authorized to submit proposals through West Virginia University and the WVU Research Corporation. While the primary purpose of the guide is to help persons who are unfamiliar with West Virginia University procedures concerning proposal submission, it also includes important post award information and guidance. It may also be useful for those project directors who have submitted proposals in the past. Please note that references to West Virginia University also mean the WVU Research Corporation and vice versa.

Facilities & Administrative Rates (a.k.a. Indirect costs and overhead)

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs ( also known as “indirect costs’ or “overhead costs”) are those costs of an institution which are not readily identifiable with a particular project or activity but nevertheless are necessary to the general operation of the institution and the conduct of its activities. The cost of operating and maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment depreciation, general and departmental administrative salaries and expenses, sponsored programs and library costs are types of expenses usually considered as F&A costs.

Proposal Processing

OSP requires that all proposals, electronic or otherwise, be submitted to an OSP representative FIVE(5) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to an agency deadline with the proposal and WVU and WVURC Application Approval Sheet completed and signed by all appropriate parties.

See Cost-Share for more details.