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Processing of Sub-Recipient Invoices

  • Invoice received from sub-recipient (sent to either PI/PD or PI/PD administrative support person);
  • Administrative support person (ASP) reviews invoice for accuracy and reasonableness based on approved sub-award budget and identifies correct purchase order for payment;
  • PI/PD reviews invoice for acceptability based on charges relative to work product/progress;
  • If acceptable, PI/PD approves, certifies, and returns to administrative support person for further processing; if unacceptable, PI/PD and administrative support person address discrepancies with sub-recipient;
  • Administrative support person completes Online Receiving in MAP or Mountaineer Marketplace and forwards invoice to ‘Approver’;
  • Approver reviews invoice and documentation in MAP or Mountaineer Marketplace, approves and forwards on to Payment Services; and
  • Payment Services reviews invoice for active and correct PO and processes for payment.

It is important that each invoice is carefully reviewed to ensure that the sub-recipient is completing tasks and abiding by the terms of the statement of work. If the invoice is acceptable, PI/PD can certify it and forward it on to ASP. If the invoice is incorrect in any way, we ask that you contact the sub-recipient to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Please do not feel pressured to pay when the work is progressing in a timely matter. If any issues cannot be resolved with you and the sub-recipient, please contact OSP Sub-award Unit staff, and we can contact the sub-recipients contract office.

Invoice Monitoring Guide


Contact the OSP Sub-Award Unit
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